Riv Bulgari born as Radoslav Ivanov on 2 March 1966 is a Bulgarian-American painter, sculptor, print maker, graphic, mural painter and documentary film director/producer. One of the most creative artist of 21st century. Known for the wide variety of styles that he refined and explore. Among his most famous works are the: The Hidden Story, Dolche & Gabana, Exotica, Left Over, Share My Dreams, The Game, Guela Guetza, Everybody Like It, The Big Time…

Riv Bulgari energetic and dynamic development as an artist has taken him to the present RIV style based on skillful combination of the ordinary whit novel discoveries in contemporary art. Bulgari demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent in his early years, painting in a realistic manner and all modern styles trough his childhood and adolescence. During the 80 and 90 of the 20th Century his style change as he experimented with different theories, techniques and ideas. His revolutionary artistic works make him one of the best-creative and provocative figures in the art world.

In 2000 he was granted from the American Government for his extraordinary achievements in the Fine art. He has won a number of prestigious awards since childhood and has appeared in major network talk shows and documentaries. Bulgari was one of the first artists and entrepreneurs to develop Williamsburg as an art and music scene.


French Cultural Center, Bulgarian National Radio, Under Derlinden Art Gallery, Rozenkranz Gallery, Art Gallery Oborishte 103, Multiart Gallery, Harada Ecology Center, Sapio Gallery, Hof Gallery, Art Gallery Sofia, Mercedes Benz Exhibition Center, Bulgarian Contemporary Art Exhibition Space, Hotel New Otani, Ministry of Culture Art Space – present by Allopo & Mercury Co., Riv Art Studio, Carmel Gallery, British Academy of Arts, Williamsburg Art & Historical Ceneter, National Opera – Bulgaria.


  • First Prize – National Children Competition, 1974
  • First Prize – French Cultural Center, Bulgaria, 1976
  • Second Prize – World Sculpture Competition
  • Silver medal – Acapulco, Mexico, 1979
  • Cash Award from Bulgarian National Academy of Fine Arts for excellence, Bulgaria, 1987-1992
  • Invention & Innovation – Cyprus, 1998
  • Apocalypse Know – First cash Prize award by Art and Historical Center, Williamsburg, USA, 1999
  • Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Art and Culture by US Government – 2000.

Riv Bulgari in his studio circa 1990

Riv Bulgari – Self portrait, pen on paper, 1984


Bulgarian National Academy of Fine Arts – 1992
Riv Art Studio – 1993
Ivan B. Ivanov – 1994
Conversation with a salesman – 1998
Kostabi World – 1999
Unknown Peru for Discovery Travel Channel – 2007
The Game BTV.


Baden Vunterberg News – Germany
Chemnitz News – Germany
Bulgarian National Television
Chanel 1 Ottawa – Canada
Channel 2 – Manhattan, USA with Molly Alter
Vienna National Television – Austria
Riv Bulgari – The Game – BTV.


Bulgari has been featured in 24 Hours, Greenpoint Gazette, Coagula, The Sculptor, Stuttgart News, Playboy, Hi-Life.
Bulgarian National Academy of Fine Arts – special edition of the British Academy of Fine Arts, Modern Bulgarian Art, Who is Who in Bulgaria – 1998.


Bulgarian National Academy of Fine Arts, Bulgarian Contemporary Museum, Hof Gallery – Stuttgart, Germany, Contemporary Art Museum Konepaya & Virtanen – Helsinki, Rozenkranz Gallery – Chemniz, Germany, Porshe – Munich, Mercedes Benz – Stuttgart, Germany, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center – USA, Brera Academy of Arts – Milano, Italy, Harada Ecology Center – Tokyo, British Academy of Fine Arts – London.

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